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Being on your side is a way of thinking and performing.
Now more than ever we are on your side at every moment, in every place.

On September 6, 1822, we settled as the first bank in Spanish America and printed the first Argentine bank note. Nowadays, we are proud to be a public bank that offers over $39 billion financing annually to foster the growth of families, SMEs, micro entrepreneurs and municipalities.

In 1856, we granted the first mortgage loan in the country. During 2013, we continued making the housing dream of thousands of families come true every year.

In 1941, we launched the first loan facility especially designed for the agricultural sector. In 2013, lending increased by 60% and financial assistance to producers of the Province of Buenos Aires amounted to over $7 billion. We are determined to keep on this trend.

In 1863, the first three Bank’s branches were opened. Today there are more than 420 branches and in 2013 we have started a remodeling plan to make our offices more comfortable and functional.

In 1969, we incorporated information technology into our banking activities and, in 1989, we began to operate the first ATM network that TODAY has more than 1,650 units, the largest one in the country.

In 2013, we implemented state-of-the-art technology and consolidated Banca Internet Provincia (BIP), our recently developed home banking platform, so that transactions may be carried out 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The Bank already has more than 500,000 BIP users and our systems received the ISO-9001 certification. We finance value chains, the settlement of entrepreneurs in industrial parks, and foreign trade. We offer the best investment options for your savings and the best benefits for your credit cards.

Every new year we reassert our loyalty to the foundational spirit.
With faith and hope in the Province and in Argentina, we celebrate 192 years on your side.

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