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The Bank’s new home banking service

Scioli introduced Banca Internet Provincia (BIP)

The Governor Daniel Scioli introduced the Bank’s new home banking network, a virtual platform that will allow its customers to carry out all their banking transactions from home rather than at branch locations using state-of-the-art tools.

Scioli and Marangoni introduced the new BIP
Scioli and Marangoni introduced the new BIP

The Governor, accompanied by Gustavo Marangoni, President of Banco Provincia, stated that the new system aims at offering "a dynamic and efficient bank to enterprising people, producers, investors, and mainly, to our customers, who are the Bank's principal assets and trust in us".

Likewise, Marangoni said that it is a "different and inclusive BIP service" that "brings banking transactions closer to people", and described it as a "democratizing" service because both, the bank and its customers, have access to the same information.

The new home banking platform will allow the bank to operate autonomously and integrate other channels, such as mobile phone banking and other innovative applications.

Users will be able to operate with fast and secure access - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and also obtain other benefits, such as better rates for their time deposits.

José Pampuro; Vice-president of Banco Provincia and Rafael Perelmiter, Daniel Tillard, Marta Helguero and Diego Rodrigo, members of the Board of Directors, were also present at the event.


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