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Banca Internet Provincia reached 500,000 users

Internet Banking transactions going up

Gustavo Marangoni, President of Banco Provincia, informed that the use of the Banca Internet Provincia (BIP) platform grew 68% in 2013 as against 2012 and confirmed that almost 500,000 people are using on-line services. Transfers and payments of taxes and fees recorded the most significant progress. On-line fixed-term deposits already account for 22% of total placements.

"Banks consolidating technological innovation on their products and services will be the more successful", Marangoni added.  "Governor Scioli always prompts us to encourage the use of the Internet since it implies a significant quality leap and improves the people's standard of living".

The use of Banca Internet Provincia grew 68% during the 2012/2013 period, from 490,000 to 825,000 monthly transactions.  On the other hand, in-branch transactions declined from 80% to 65% while those channeled though ATMs hiked from 4% to 9%.

The most frequent transactions are transfers, payments of taxes and fees and cell phone recharges which have increased fivefold since 2012 and currently account for 1 million annual transactions.

On-line fixed-term deposits also increased significantly (from 13% to 22% of total placements) due to the better interest rates offered to digital placements. Almost 34% of financial transactions (investments in bonds, shares and mutual funds) are already carried out via the Internet.

Banco Internet Provincia (BIP) was launched in February 2012 and, so far, more than 500,000 private and corporate customers have registered into the platform. The incorporation of public agencies is expected for 2014 as well as new products such as the exchange of points for prizes and the adherence to an airline mileage system.


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